How to prepare for Anal Sex

A sex enthusiast will never shy away from exploring the challenges of an erotic and exotic sex life. Anal sex is one of those fantasies that our generation is getting more and more interested into! Penetration of the 'backside' is gaining popularity each day and here is your guide, with added tips, to practice safe and pleasurable anal sex! Anal sex has been practiced for centuries all over the world; proving this as a hard and fast fact are the scriptures, paintings and writings that advocate this sexual practice. It might not be something new but it sure is interesting! And what else, with all the toys and techniques that have come up in this century, to name a few would be anal beads and tools, butt plugs, anal vibrators and anal prostate massagers, anal sex is way more fun now!


Let us now then provide to you all the information that you are curious to know about anal sex. To begin with, anal sex is described as when an anus is penetrated by a penis or by using sex toys like strap ons or even if using your fingers or the tongue. We understand how there must be some common concerns that you might have, like if there are any serious risks with anal sex like excessive bleeding or unbearable pain or whether there are any health issues like hemorrhoids or colon perforation. So first things first, let's clear your queries about these one after the other! 


1. How much will it hurt? If you practice anal sex using a proper lubrication, it does not really hurt that much. It is to be said though, to expect some discomfort for the first time. Although there are people who have never experienced pain during anal sex, your body does need some time to get used to it. Try using fingers or the said sex toys (vibrators, butt plugs, beads and tools) and try getting used to the sensation first!

2. How much will you bleed? There is a chance of bleeding with anal sex. But the bleeding should stop after the first time or at most the second time. Although if your anus continues to bleed during the practice of anal sex, you must consult a doctor.

3. The issues related to your bowel movements: A popular myth is anal sex makes you lose control of your bowel movements, this is us shaking our heads no to that. You will be in full control of your bowel movements! You might have to use the bathroom after your steamy hot session, but that's only natural.

4. The issues regarding your health: Anal sex results into stretching of your muscles at times but it is not a health issue. Practicing anal sex might irritate existing hemorrhoids but it's unlikely to cause it. Vigorous anal sex might puncture a hole in your colon leading to perforation, but in any case, it is highly unlikely. In any case, if the pain or bleeding is prolonged for more than a few minutes, you should consider visiting your doctor. 

It is of important importance to keep safety in mind here. Proper hygiene should be number one on your list of basic requirements. It is always advisable to be protected and take absolute precautions. This way you feel totally confident about it! As promised, some preparation tips to keep in mind are.

1. Knowing that lubrication is a must: Where the vagina wonderfully lubricates itself as you get turned on, your anus does not provide natural lubrication. Your anus is designed to thrust stuff out of it, if you know what I mean, and to not necessarily take something in. So without proper lubrication, the process of anal sex might be painful and may lead to bleeding. Lubrication is an utmost serious issue so stock up on the lube! So, the tips is, try the soothing lubricants and jellies available at ThePleasurePlayhouse. And why stop there? Go one step further and use a relaxing serum, all available at

2. Being aware of the Sensitivity of your anus: The tissue inside your anus is a bit on the softer side and this tissue is not well protected! Even if you or your partner do not have an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), there's a high chance you might end up carrying or transporting bacteria inside your body just by penetration. Our tip: Use a condom! provides you ultra-thin, lubed, nightlight, kimono, sheer and intense sensation condoms among many others! Try them out today!

3. Taking precautions for the bacteria that might still be there: The STIs aren't the only concern when it comes to practicing anal sex as there are millions of bacterias already inside your anus, it being a part of your digestive tract. The tips that we can provide to you is, change the condoms when moving on from anal sex to oral sex or vaginal penetration. This stops the bacteria in your anus from entering other parts of your body. And if you're using your fingers or a sex toy, be sure to thoroughly clean the toys after sex and before reusing it.

Don't worry about it at all! As long as you're informed and safe, don't shy away from exploring your sexual side. Explore it yourself or with your partner! You must talk to your partner about how you want to get physically intimate with your partner and to what extent would you go.

Here are some additional things that you could do:  

1. An enema or an anal douche: Anal sex sure can get a little messy. You might want to consider an enema or an anal douche if you prefer things clean. At ThePleasurePlayhouse, you can find the necessary products easily, then buy and operate them on your own! Nonetheless, consider the possibility that there might be some mess involved. This is, my friend, the extreme reality of anal sex as microscopic fecal matter will be present, even after an enema. Also try using a towel and keeping a box of wipes handy.

2. Trim your nails: Long nails are a no-no during anal sex. Would you like it if the most intimate moments of your life gave you infections or pain? Not at all! Cutting your nails will keep the bacteria from getting stuck inside of your nails, and save yourself or your partner from the cutting or rupture of thin and delicate tissues inside your anus. Moreover, do not forget to wash your hands after your steamy hot session. Clean yourself up before and after a session of anal sex.

3. Whichever position you prefer: Have a talk with your partner and get the depth and pace figured out before trying any position you like at all. Doggy? Missionary? Anything else on your mind? Give your imagination a free rein and go for it. The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, even if an orgasm is not on your list, anal sex is as exciting as it gets!

Some added tips to help you prep like a pro: The beginning might always be a bit intense but once you get there, you will be glad you came along for the ride! It is a wonder what a little tongue can do so maybe play around a bit with your partner by indulging in naughty foreplay. The muscles in your anus will also relax, just like your vagina, if you're into it and along with lubrication, anal sex can be a very pleasurable experience! Give yourself some time to get used to it.

Men might want to try the prostate massagers available at ThePleasurePlayhouse as your prostate and the area around it has lots of blood vessels and you're likely to be bruised if handled roughly. Be gentle and always consider using a lube!

It's important you feel and take control of what's happening to your body. Start slowly, relax your muscles and breathe deeply! With Liquid numbing Anal lubricant available at ThePleasurePlayhouse make your experience smoother!

We hope this article helped you prep for anal sex like a pro! Stay safe and have fun!

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