* Please remember that we do not offer refunds due to the nature of our goods and the safety of our workers.

Returns for A Defective/ Faulty Item:

 All faults shall be reported within 30 days of delivery of the product.

Please notice, The Pleasure Playhouse can administer efforts to troubleshoot before deeming a faulty product.

Please be patient as it can take up to 10 business days for your query to be processed.

What if my defective item arrived more than 30 days ago?

After the first 30 days, please call the maker directly for assistance. You may obtain contact information about the suppliers by accessing their websites.

Refund for Lost, Damaged or Stolen Package

The Pleasure Playhouse is proud to be collaborator with Route+, a pioneer in parcel security and monitoring solutions. By selecting Route+ at checkout, your order will be secured against any damage, loss * or robbery. In the unlikely event that your order is either issued or broken upon delivery, you can quickly file a lawsuit with Route and obtain a replacement or a complete refund. We are very happy to provide this service to you, and we strongly recommend that you use Route+ for parcel services . Please click here to file a lawsuit.

* Claims for parcels labeled 'delivered' must be filed within 5 days and before 15 days from the day the shipment was labeled 'delivered.'

*Claims for shipments believed to have been lost (while status is not 'delivered') must be reported within 7 days (20 international) and after 30 days from the last checkpoint.

* The Pleasure Playhouse is not responsible for missing, destroyed or stolen goods due to deselecting of shipping protection.


As our products are of personal nature, we are unable to accept returns; nor will we administer an exchange for a product unless the item is defective/faulty.

Any product that is opened and/or has come into contact with any body part or body fluid (seal has been broken) will not be approved for return at any cost. This is all for the health and satisfaction of our clients and workers.

Order Cancellation for a Refund:

Once you placed the order and its status get “processed”, it cannot be canceled. Upon arrival, you can reject the package or mark it as RETURN TO SENDER package and carry it to your local drop off facility to send it back to our warehouse. After we receive your returned shipment, confirm it as unused / unopened and processed, we will issue a refund followed by an email update to the address we have in the register. We will issue a refund followed by an email notification to the address we have on our registration file.