10 Function PureSkin Stud Vibrator

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Product Description

The 10 Feature Stud, made from revolutionary PureSkin, is an almost impossiblely realistic vibrating dildo that will fulfill the need for the real thing when the real thing (so to speak) isn't on hand.

The beautifully tapered head and deliciously smooth shaft coupled with amazing vibration will certainly reach all of your hot spots, regardless of how you want to enjoy your Stud. A pair of large balls round off the base , making this feel secure for extra deep penetration and anal use, a thin, tight handle provides great grip, and houses soft touch push buttons to control the functions.


There's a strong vibrator at the heart of the smooth , silky Pure Skin, which sends out very visible, undoubtedly orgasmic waves of pleasure flying around the vibrator, with awesome 10 patterns of vibration, pulsation and escalation to choose from. Another great aspect of this feel is the memory chip built into the engine itself, it conveniently stores the last vibrating pattern you've enjoyed so when you roll around next time, you won't have to search through to find your favorite. Going back to the PureSkin, this material is actually the closest thing to the feeling of a ready penis, a multi-layering technique makes a pleasing firmness under the outer layer's surface soft, velvety smoothness.


It is pliable and elastic, it preserves its shape when flexing for the best possible positioning. You'll love this dildo warms up to the touch, for a fully human feeling it easily hits body temperature. You'll also love the Stud being extra-low maintenance, it doesn't need special treatment, unlike some other similar products, you'll just want to wash it well and let it dry completely before storage. A cornstarch sprinkle can restore the silky feel in a snap, as after cleaning, your look can become tacky. Bear in mind that Pure Skin is elastic so if you're sharing, it's a smart idea to have a condom overtop. To keep the PureSkin material at its best, use a good quality water-based lube if appropriate. Needs 3 AAA batteries (sold individually). Watertight.

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