Clean Stream 4 Piece Lube Injector Set

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Product Description

Lets face it- lube's a must-have for the best slippery sex, but it can make a big ol' mess! CleanStream to the rescue with the unique, portable and pretty darn innovative Injector Set.

Containing two lube attachments (large and small), a sturdy 4 (10cm) plastic nozzle and a sanitary storage cap, the Injector transforms a favorite bottle into a mess-free precision tool for easy lubing. Air tight, the screw caps attach to most standard bottles of slippery stuff and thread a flexible hose down through the bottle. Finger grips on each side of the no-backflow nozzle make for quick and slip-free application.

In hygienic plastic, each piece of the Injector Set cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Fits most standard lube bottles.


  • 4 nozzle with sanitary cap
  • 1 Large & 1 Small bottle adapter
  • 2.75 (7cm) and 4 (10cm) tubing lengths

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