Control Pro Performance Beginners C-Ring

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Product Description

A little (or a lot) of control is almost never a bad thing, especially when we're talking about control over your or your partner's erection. And what do you know, Control is name of the line that's bringing you just that, courtesy of Sir Richard's Pro Performance Beginners C-Ring!

The term C-Ring is a wee bit misleading in this case, but only because it should technically be C-Rings, plural. This cock ring is, in fact, two. The first is black, wide, plushy and stretchy, looping easily over your penis, balls or both. The second, in blue, fits like a puzzle into the first. Why? Well, each ring can be used independently to provide pressure and erection-enhancing blood flow restriction to specific areas of the penis OR they can be worn together, with the blue ring adding extra pressure to the black. Partners in sexy crime, as it were.

The Beginner's version of the Control C-Ring is great for cock constriction newcomers, as it's nice and stretchy, firm yet forgiving. As we said above, each can be used alone or together, as shaft rings, ball stretchers or both.

In body safe TPE, the Pro Performance Beginners C-Ring cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water-based lube.

* The Pro Performance Beginners C-Ring's main ring stretches from approximately 1.2" (3cm) in inner diameter and is 1.6" (4cm) wide, the tightening ring stretches from about .9" (2.2cm) and is .6" (1.5cm) wide. 

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