Dr. Joel Advanced Anal Exerciser

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Product Description

Thrilling expert anal players with its long and strategically swollen shape, Dr. Joel's Advanced Anal Exerciser provides an exciting challenge to rear-pleasure seekers progressing to more filling penetration.

Simple and user friendly, the double-tiered Advanced is sleek and manageable, flexing subtly for comfort and precision placement. Designed to allow smooth graduation, Dr. Joel's Anal Exercisers come in three sizes, scaling down to an novice and beginner version from the Advanced. The starter and intermediate versions (sold separately) let beginners move slowly toward the Advanced, warming up to a more intense stretch along the way.

Featuring a wide circular base enhanced by sturdy suction, the Advanced Exerciser can be secured agasint just about any smooth flat surface for hands free play- the base also protects against travel and too-deep penetration.

In slick, smooth TPR that becomes extra slippery with the addition of a favorite water or silicone based lube, the Anal Exerciser cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam.

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