Hinder Breathable Ball Gag & Nipple Clamps

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Product Description

Thrillingly unique and fantastically effective, easily ensuring a submissive mate is kept completely under control, ready and waiting for devious activities to come, the Master Series Hinder is absolutely guaranteed to keep him or her in a constant state of expectant ecstasy.

Fitting snugly and securely in the mouth, a classic, high end silicone ball gag holds the tongue, teeth and lips in place, preventing speech, biting and general disobedience.  Perforated with small openings, the 1.75 inch (4.4cm) gag makes sure comfortable breathing is possible as the silky, odor and taste free sphere fills the oral cavity. Snaking down from the two sturdy O-rings placed at either end of the gag's faux-leather strap, chains hold tight to two classic nipple clamps designed with softer rubber tips and completely adjustable tension. During wear, the clamps create blissful tugs and pinches with movement, another deterrent (or not) against sexy struggles.

Of silicone, steel, vinyl and PU materials, the Hinder is simple to maintain- the ball gag can be sterilized in boiling water, while the remaining components can be easily spot cleaned

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