Lockable Lined Ankle Restraint Cuffs

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Product Description

Here's the thing, when it comes to cuffing up a playful partner, you don't really want them to be too comfortable right? Kind of defeats the purpose! We're not saying that the oh-so-glamorous Lockable Ankle Restraint Cuffs by the bondage geniuses at Spartacus are uncomfortable by any stretch (they're padded!), but they were definitely designed for lots of escape proof, no-foolin' bondage play. 

With gorgeous bronze tinted faux leather on one side and super-soft felted fabric on the other, the Cuffs hold nice and tight over your or your partner's ankles. Wrap the inner bands over the ankles in question before tightening up the outer buckle band. The buckles can be locked, in case of an extremely disobedient sub (lock not included).

Joining the Cuffs together in the center, a rugged 10"/25.4cm gold chain complete with a swiveling clasp at each end clips to nice big D-rings. You'll be able to remove the chain entirely to hook the D-rings to any other bondage gear- the universal sizing works with pretty much any clasp, clip, knot etc.

Spot clean as needed. Cuffs fit a maximum diameter of about 5"/12.7cm. 

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