OMG Trifecta Interchangeable Vibrator

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Product Description

Indecision. It happens to all of us, every now and then. We can't help with most of your decisions, unfortunately, but we can make deciding which sex toy to pull out of the drawer a littler easier. OMG's Trifecta vibrator is actually three vibrators, a classic wand, a beloved rabbit style dual stimulator AND a sexy lifelike shaft. There, you don't have to decide at all!

A curvy little vibrating base is at the core of the Trifecta. You'll simply twist on your black silicone attachment of choice and play away. There are 10 possible modes of vibration to pick from, including steady stimulation options plus lots of pulsing, escalating pleasure.

Power-wise, the Trifecta is impressive, packing up to 13,000 vibrations per minute. All that vibrating bliss will rev, throb and buzz straight and true through the wand tip and lifelike shaft, but if you're enjoying the rabbit attachment, you (or your partner) will feel it through the up-curled clitoral tickler, too.

In hypoallergenic high end silicone, the Trifecta and all its components are extremely body safe and extra easy to clean and maintain. If you'll be using a lube, please go for a favorite water based formula. Silicone lubes and contact with other silicone toys and products should be avoided. Waterproof.

* Please note that the measurements provided represent the Trifecta with the realistic head attached. It's 7.28"/18.5cm long and 1.4"/3.6cm at widest with the wand attachment in place, and 10.23"/26cm long and 1.08"/2.74cm at widest with the rabbit attachment in place.

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