Pain Heavy Duty Padded Posture Collar

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Product Description


To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

Lined with plushy padding, (it's only real concession to comfort!), Shots Heavy Duty Padded Posture Collar not only serves some very classic bondage-minded purposes, but also secures and stabilizes the neck in an upright and at-attention position.

Slick black leather cradles your/their chin once buckled around the neck, restricting movement and maintaining eye contact with a master. 3 sleek D-rings - one at the front and one on either side - make for quick connection to leashes, cuffs or otherwise. Once in place, you'll be able to lock the Posture Collar in place by slipping a standard small padlock (not included) through metal loops tipping each spacer pin. 

In genuine leather and stainless steel, the Collar should be spot-cleaned as needed.

* The Heavy Duty Padded Posture Collar is 21.7/55cm in total length, 5.5/14cm wide and 1/2.5cm high. Fits up to about 5.5/14cm of neck diameter

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