Pain Leather Poly Cricket Paddle

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Product Description

If you've ever felt like your paddle collection could, perhaps, be a bit more versatile, or if you've ever wanted to open the toy drawer and be instantly inspired, may we recommend Shots Poly Cricket Paddle?  

A little slimmer than your average paddle (much like the cricket bat it was named for!), this beginner-perfect play tool features a slick, smooth side for sexy sting plus an extra padded side ideal for warm-ups. No matter your level of spanking experience, the Poly Cricket Paddle is easy to swing in just about any scenario.

In sleek black leather, the Poly Cricket Paddle should be spot-cleaned as needed using a good leather safe product.

* The Pain Poly Cricket Paddle measures 14.5 (37cm) in length and approximately 2.9 (7.4cm) at widest

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