Pain Suspension Cuffs

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To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

When it comes to exerting lots of sexy, consensual and escape-proof control over your partner, there's nothing better than a great set of cuffs! Any good pair will usually do the trick when you're playing with tethers, bed bondage, hogties and such, but in some situations, you might be looking for something a little different. Suspension is one of those situations, and that's where the Pain collection's Suspension Cuffs will really shine.

Whether you've rigged up a door sling or are working with a simple ceiling hook, these unique cuffs will definitely do the trick. Just like standard wrist cuffs, the Pain Suspension Cuffs hold sturdily over your or your playmate's wrists. Lockable hardware is compatible with most small standard padlocks, if you like to keep things extra escape-proof. Above the cuff portion, a contoured strap reaches up to meet with an extra large D-ring. Use it to secure the Cuff to your chosen set-up. 

With any suspension scenario, please play safe! Always ensure that your gear or set-up can accommodate the weight you intend to support. 

In genuine leather, the Pain Suspension Cuffs should be spot-cleaned as needed using a good leather care product. 

* The Pain Suspension Cuffs adjust from approximately 6.1/15.5cm to 9.85/25cm of wrist circumference. Each cuff is about 11/28cm in total height

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