Stainless Steel Anal Probe in Clear

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Product Description

If you've been dying for some sexy, stimulating stretch and maybe a little decor for your (or your partner's) butt, pull this stainless steel wonder out of the drawer to revel in the super-smooth, sexily seamless, heat sensitive surface, erotic weightiness and sparkly crystal base.

Totally unique shape-wise, the Stainless Steel Anal Probe starts off with a perfect sphere at the tip. After an initial, very exciting 'pop', it slims down dramatically before swelling out into a long oval taper. Once in place, a slim neck helps hold things in place while you/they show off the glittery gem embedded in the base. Speaking of the base, it's nice and wide, the circular shape preventing any too-deep slips.

If you've never played with stainless steel before, prepare to be impressed! Not only will the silvery surface quickly warm to meet body temperature, it can be heated or cooled beforehand with a quick soak in warm or cold water.

In Rouge's signature stainless steel steel, the Anal Probe is safe for sensitive skin. Extremely easy to clean, a must-have feature of any good quality anal toy, this plug will be squeaky clean after a thorough scrub using warm soapy water or a good antibacterial toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with all lubricant types. Avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this plug in play-ready shape for the long haul. Please note that the Stainless Steel Anal Probe's tip can be removed for easy cleaning.

* Please note that this plug is on the heavy side (14.6oz/413g), and is probably better for more experienced butt players.

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