Stainless Steel Ice Lock

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Product Description

We've got a little secret for you. We've been at this sex toy/pleasure tool/romance igniting/excitement boosting game for quite a while now. Needless to say, there's not a lot we haven't seen. That's not a bad thing! It just means that we're on top of (so to speak) the latest and greatest. Occasionally though, we're lucky enough to be able to offer up a play tool that hasn't come across our table yet. Today, Rouge's Stainless Steel Ice Lock is that tool!

The Ice Lock is genius! It's a bondage accessory meant to be used with restraints, whether it be cuffs, collars, tethers, rope, leashes etc. It's literally an ice lock. Here's how it works. The Ice Lock comes in two parts, a thicker cylinder and smaller inner tube - both pieces features a big, super-sturdy steel ring at the end.

You're going to carefully fill the the larger cylinder with water, place the smaller end inside, and pop the whole works in the freezer. After a few hours, the water inside will have become ice, trapping the smaller tube inside the larger. Now, you're left with a super-solid (and very cold!) base connector for a your chosen bondage gear.

If you're a self-bondage aficionado, or you like to leave your partner (consensually!) cuffed, this is a perfect way to play safer. After a an hour or so (more or less depending on the temperature of the space you're in), the ice will begin to melt, eventually freeing you/them.

The Ice Lock is about 7.25"/18.4cm end-to-end and weighs approximately 1.2lb/534g un-filled, it will be heavier when full of ice!

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