Stainless Steel Weighted Nipple Clamps

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Product Description

In the land of nipple clamps, there are many species of pinch! You've got your standard alligator clamps, some vibrate, others are weighted, some are spring loaded - our point is that your options are almost endless. If you're after an adjustable, weighty pair that can be heated or cooled if the temperature play mood should strike, Rouge has you (and your nipples!) covered.

In subtly weighty stainless steel, the Stainless Steel Weighted Nipple Clamps are similar to barrel clamps, with wider pinch-tips that adjust with a twist of the base. Featuring a subtle yet definitely noticeable weight (3.6oz/102g total), these chained clamps will provide lots of sensational tugs and twinges during play. Please note that the black tips can be removed if you 're in the mood for a sharper bite.

As for the temperature play we mentioned, to warm or chill your Clamps, pop them in some heated or icy water for a few minutes pre-play. The stainless steel will hold the temperature for a good long while as you make use of them in sexy settings.

The Stainless Steel Weighted Nipple Clamps clean easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any lubricant type.

* The individual Clamps measure approximately 2.6"/6.6cm in length. In total, the set is about 17.25"/43.8cm

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