Thorn Double Finger Pinwheel

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Product Description

Placing all the prickly, tingly fun of a favorite plaything at the tip of your finger, the Thorn hails from the kings and queens of kink at the Master Series.

We found this little guy to be a bit more intense in terms of sharpness than some similar tools, definitely a great choice for sensation connoisseurs and more advanced pleasure/pain scenarios. In classic pinwheel form, the Thorn features a rolling circle of spikes plus another for good measure. The whole works slips over a finger or thumb thanks to adjustable loops. Once it's on, a barrier toward the end steadies the finger inside for perfect precision.

Roll the wheel lightly over skin to feel (or have them feel) the effect of dozens of tingly teeth- press harder to really make a point. Be sure to test it out first- it really is quite sharp!

* The Thorn measure approximately 4" (10.2cm) in total. The rollers are spaced approximately .25" (.63cm) apart and the wheel portion is 1.1" (2.8cm) wide

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