Weighted Ball Stretcher

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Product Description

Tugging teasingly at the testicles during sex, foreplay or solo stroking, CalExotic's Weighted Ball Stretcher combines snug constriction with 57g (2oz) of added weight for lots of extra drag.

Looping under the balls and securing with rugged snaps, the Stretcher gently yet firmly tugs the scrotum away from the body, an effect that can help prolong pleasure and greatly intensify orgasm when the time finally comes.

In 100% silicone, the Weighted Ball Stretcher cleans thoroughly and simply using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Always enjoy a great water-based lubricant with this vibe, silicone lubes should be avoided.

* The Stretcher fits approximately 2-2.5" (5-6.4cm) of diameter

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